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Statera Retirement and AUSCF are proud to provide a unique benefit to AUSCF members. Statera offers an innovative approach to addressing the challenges faced by modern retirees.  The SIM retirement method addresses the limitations of traditional retirement planning strategies, which are often exacerbated by factors such as longer life expectancy, inflation and market fluctuations.  Statera Retirement evaluates the potential risks during retirement, provides strategies to help minimize these risks, and enhances the chance of a successful retirement.

AUSCF member benefits include:

  • Complimentary, no-obligation, in-depth analysis using Statera's proprietary SIM retirement method.  (This is not the same offered to the general public)
  • Discounted wealth management fees
  • Pension analysis
  • Social security strategies
  • Education for major financial decisions (estate planning, major purchases, long-term care planning, etc.)

AUSCF does not endorse nor recommend Statera Retirement, LLC, as a provider of a financial service.  AUSCF performs due diligence on all affinity arrangements. Our goal is to work with companies that provide a benefit to AUSCF members, so we are sharing this benefit with members, not endorsing them.  Most affinity partners make a donation to support AUSCF programs. You should make an independent decision whether or not a product or service is the right fit for you.  Questions?  Contact

AUSCF is not affiliated with MML Investors Services, LLC, or its affiliated companies

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The Statera Method

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